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Massage Styles

Deep Tissue massage is the same as my Orthopedic/Sports. It will be very deep but I will massage much more slowly when a very deep pressure is required in an area that is problematic. A slower pace of massage helps the massage to stay pain free. As we know, there is good pain and bad pain. Good pain is where some spot feels sore when pressure is applied but the pain isn't excruciating and feels like it is accomplishing something good. Then there is just plain old holding your breath and screaming pain; this isn't conducive to massage as your muscles will guard against the therapist's touch and it's a fight, not productive or relaxing and potentially harmful. 

Medical, Orthopedic/Sports Massage is my favorite kind of massage, it is the greatest gift in the world to be able to take someone out of pain. Everyone that comes to me is a puzzle waiting to be solved. I will never get tired of it! It is not just for the athlete or the injured. Orthopedic Massage worked for my 11 year old nephew who suffered from heel pain due to his position as catcher for his little league baseball team. It also worked for a 93 year old client whose posture was affecting her health.

The words "Orthopedic" or "Medical" may sound clinical or even a little scary, but it truly is a very relaxing, comfortable massage which happens to correct the imbalances and compensations our bodies have devised or that even everyday life can cause. Although I say it is relaxing, that is not to say it isn't deep when needed; at times it might be a bit challenging, but never painful. Just that good pain which I realize is a strange thing to say but most people know what I mean. If you have experienced an accident, injury or surgery this work would be the most beneficial. It is my instrument for pain management.Since I myself have experienced this type of orthopedic massage I am spoiled; it checks all my boxes for what I want in bodywork! 

My work is designed for each individual. Although we may seem to have similar challenges, how and why the problem manifests may be different. Through postural assessment, range of motion testing, watching your gait and discussing the repetitive movements of your work, or play, we will work together to design your massage. Chronic Pain can begin to dissipate, or even disappear and your daily activities may become more enjoyable.Your posture and range of motion will improve giving you greater mobility and comfort. I was certified in this type of manual therapy by James Waslaski, Center for Pain Management in Texas, in 2013 and also was a teachers assistant at several of his seminars following this certification.

am looking forward to working with you!

I have used Orthopedic Techniques for:

  • neck and shoulder aches and problems due to injury, computer use or just poor posture
  • headaches/migraines
  • frozen shoulder, rotator cuff problems
  • "Golfer's and Tennis" elbow
  • all types of back pain
  • hip pain, hip rotator problems
  • tight IT band
  • sciatica
  • knee problems
  • ankle sprains, pronating/supinating feet
  • "carpal tunnel" 

Swedish Massage:  Aaaaah, good, classic, relaxation, different soothing strokes that lull your body and mind into calm and refreshment. What more do we need to say? Technically, a classic Swedish massage is a combination of effleurage, petrissage, compression, tapotement and sometimes friction or long, soothing strokes relaxing to mind/body, a form of kneading, a rhythmic tapping and compression and friction are just as they sound. If I intuitively feel that tapotement or friction may interfere with your relaxation or may be jarring to your massage experience I will omit them from the experience. Or if you know your preference about tapotement or friction I can massage accordingly.

I remember what a professional colleague said after she first received my Swedish Massage. With her eyes still closed and a relaxed, happy smile on her face, "That's old school massage!" And yes, it is, what is tried and true and doesn't cut corners is what we appreciate.

If you just want a mini vacation to escape everyday life for relaxation and stress reduction, this is the massage that offers the most bang for your buck! No traffic, no trip planning, no luggage!

Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage: I am certified in prenatal or pregnancy massage and will be happy  pregnant can truly be a wonderful time, but there are moments when we just need to have a little break, for our bodies and our minds.

 I know what positions and modalities are comfortable and safe for you and your baby as your pregnancy progresses.

It can be very beneficial to receive massage while you are pregnant and your baby will love it too! 

So, if you need a little pampering, relief, or you have just had enough, come for a visit, see me weekly or once a month. 

Add Ons:

Medi Cupping/Vacuum Cupping may be added to any massage. I use my cupping machine to break up adhesions or scar tissue, tight spots or "knots", for lymphatic drainage, to ease tight areas and muscle spasms. It is a constant, vacuum to a cup which I can move around the affected area; I can pulse the vacuum or let it be constant and the intensity of the vacuum is variable for your comfort. This brings circulation and oxygen into dense tissue where it has been restricted and therefore cleans out cellular toxins that weren't being carried away. It is very relaxing and sedative to the nervous system and so much more comfortable than a thumb or forearm digging into an already sore spot!

Aromatherapy: May be added to any of my massages except the Prenatal/Pregnancy Massage as it is for the most part contraindicated during pregnancy. Some of the benefits of the use of essential oils may include the ability to reduce anxiety, ease depression, lift the emotions,  improve sleep, strengthen the immune system, boost energy levels and speed up the healing process after injury or surgery. For instance Lavender, basically ticks all these boxes. It is very relaxing, soothing, calming, helps with sleep, with pain, is a mood lifter, and is antiseptic and antibacterial which helps after surgery or injury.

Synergistic blends, a combination of essential botanical oils that work together and have a more powerful or focused effect can be used as well.

CBD may be added to any massage as a spot treatment for painful areas. CBD is a potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic. It contains significant medical benefits without the psychoactivity of THC. However CBD and THC share a special interdependent relationship and work together to increase one another's therapeutic benefits. Studies have shown that extracts with a 1:1 ratio provide the most pain relief for sleep, pain control and muscle spasms with only mild psychoactivity. For treating anxiety, depression and pediatric seizure orders, and for patients who are sensitive to THC or for patients who need a completely non-psychoactive medicine, a 20:1 CBD:THC ratio product may be more appropriate.

Himalayan Hot Salt Stones are wonderful, especially in the midst of winter. Their warmth penetrates deeply into the body like a hot shower after a long day out in the cold. I, myself, first experienced salt stone massage as a therapist at a nearby spa where I was working in Ojai. Just the action of holding the stones and giving the massage left me so deeply relaxed as if I had taken a cat nap yet at the same time with a brightened spirit and rejuvenated. Himalayan salt is comprised of 84 trace minerals that our bodies happily absorb and it calms the central nervous system leaving us with a sense of well being.Surprisingly enough the stones are said to reduce inflammation as well. It's the wonderful ancient cleansing salt from the breast of Mother Earth. Try this massage and let's both enjoy its healing properties!

Kansa Wands are a 5000 year old skincare tool that came about in the Bronze Age in India.This metal is called the bell metal because it is used in the making of bells, Tibetan gongs and singing bowls and in ayurvedic medicine as healing metal. It is high in copper content and conducts our body's bio electricity drawing our chi or our electro magnetic life force energy to heal us, reducing blockages and promoting collagen.  It is an amazing metal because it balances the ph of the skin, reducing acidity, cleaning out lymph nodes and reducing inflammation. Back in the day they ate off kansa plates and drank from kansa cups literally filtering water and the acidity of the food making digestion easier. As you can read, applied to skincare it is an incredible friend. My first experience with kansa was on a much deeper level and after performing this massage on many people I see that they too experience the very deepest of relaxation.  

Gua Sha means scraping but that doesn't sound all that pleasant. the truth is gua sha can be used to break up old scar tissue such as the knots we get on our shoulders. But gua sha can be most comfortable and soothing when used lightly to ease along lymph and to detoxify and reduce puffiness and inflammation. My gua sha is carnelian a beautiful stone.


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