Lois Dominguez Massage Therapy

For Help with Pain or Stress, a Happy Body Makes for a Joyful Life!




I've been seeking pain and stress relief through massage therapy with Lois for over a year. I'm deeply grateful for her extraordinary dedication and skills. She is the best massage therapist in Ojai and the best I've ever been to!

Lois makes me feel relaxed the moment I see her-she is so kind and thoughtful. I value her communication on and off the table, as we're able to work together in the process of what I feel is healing and restorative. As a mental health counselor, I cherish each moment Lois is intentional, respectful, and intuitive in using her knowledge, heart, positive energy, and skills with the body's many systems.

Lois is strong and gentle in her focused massage therapy. She makes an effort to help educate me on my posture to relieve pain as well as stretches I can do throughout my body. With a long commute during the week, this has made a world of difference.

The healing body work Lois does stays with me for weeks and feels like it keeps expanding the more I see her. Without a doubt, Lois is a blessing in my life. I'll always be grateful-thank you Lois!

Stephanie, Ojai resident


Picture a beautiful garden surrounded by the distant hills of Ojai. Everywhere you look there are birds singing, flowers adorning and produce thriving. Old oaks provide shade, bubbling water fountains cool the garden and the remarkable Ojai clouds frame the serene natural beauty.

Then a door opens and Lois emerges. Just another beautiful flower? Beautiful yes! Talented and gifted Yes! Yes!

Visiting Lois is truly a "day trip" or mini vacation. Lois is my favorite gift to me. She is located at the beginning of Oak View, so for Venturans she is just a few minutes drive away, but when you arrive you feel like you've been transported to a distant land.

Lois is love and caring. She is highly educated in various forms of massage but it is her intuition and caring that can be the most remarkable.

I have studied bodywork and have received countless massages of every type all over the country. I return to Lois again and again. She is clean and delightful. I always feel safe. She respects my time and is always punctual. My body and challenging injuries are forever grateful for Lois and her special set of skills.

Lois cares. She is like a scientist. She thrives on challenges and breaks down my complicated issues consistently bringing relief. Lois always finds a way!

I highly recommend Lois Dominguez. One visit and you too will want to stay in "Lois Land" forever.

Denise, Ventura

I’ve been to many massage therapists in the last 25 years since I injured my neck at work. Many of them were excellent practitioners.We recently moved to Ojai, and I was faced with finding someone as good as my therapist in Colorado. My first try was dismally unsuccessful.Then I had the wonderful fortune of making an appointment with Lois. I immediately found her to have a great, intuitive feel for finding trouble spots. The most amazing thing about Lois’ work is that the beneficial effects – including two long-standing,very painful areas – weren't just “quick fixes” and are no longer an issue for me. Six weeks after the fact, the problems have not returned. I am able to do things that formerly caused me pain. This is one of the remarkable differences that puts Lois heads above the other therapists I’ve had over the years.

Claudia Ariss, contemporary glass artist, Cambria, CA


Taken from Yelp 5/31/2015 and 7/21/2015 respectively:

Writing this review has been on my "To Do" list since last summer when I was at the Oaks at Ojai Spa. I signed up to get a "basic" massage and had the good fortune to get Lois. She took one look at me and saw how "crooked" I was, especially my neck. She gave me a really wonderful and therapeutic deep tissue massage and I left feeling better than I had in a very long time. She knows her stuff! I can't recommend her highly enough and am only sorry it took me so long to getting around to writing this review.

Kg G, Oakland, CA


I have been to well over a dozen masseuses over the years and have experienced a wide range of massage techniques. That said, I have continued to search for a masseuse that possesses the right combination of skill, knowledge, professionalism, strength, personality all while keeping in mind the goals and objectives of the person receiving the massage. With my first visit to Lois Dominguez I began to think I might have found the right masseuse. Subsequent visits confirmed it.

Lois is incredibly knowledgeable about the anatomy and structure of the human body. In some ways her techniques remind me of the way professional trainers will work with athletes to improve their body mechanics. With each massage I come away with progressively improved healing and energy that has greatly reduced pain that I have carried for years. She's a real find.

Cuba D, Oak View, CA               


"When Lois came to me I was in bad shape and couldn't even turn my neck due to an old injury that flares up once in a while. After a wonderful massage I was amazed that my neck was back to normal and I could move it with no pain. I couldn't believe it; I was so grateful. I highly recommend her to everyone, she has magic hands."

Da˜na Spoor, MediterraneanEscape.com   Greek Specialty Foods, Santa Ynez, CA


"The sacredness of Lois's gifts as a body worker are really beyond the scope of words. In an attempt to describe Lois and her body work, I would say that she brings into each of her sessions a quality of presence, tenderness and love that leave me feeling nourished on all levels of my being from my physical body out into the more subtle dimensions. The love that pours through her and her gifted hands seems to come directly from the heavens. She has touched me deeply with that presence and her gifts as a healer continue to be a wondrous blessing to me."

Sandy Wolk, Healer/Artist/Visionary, Ojai, CA